I have a confession to make…

I don’t tend to stick with blogging. Perhaps it’s a commitment issue… perhaps it’s a boredom issue. But honestly, I feel like I give these things a year, move on and keep the old one up like an 1880s southwestern ghost town.

I remember I published my first blog before they were called blogs. It was a Geocities page (remember them?) and I called it Dark Side of the Moon. Get it? Moon? Mooney? Super clever 90s style stuff I tell you. Then I ran out of patience for my allegedly dark, mysterious, Cobanian thoughts. And I moved on.

Then there were other blogs. Some for work. Some for play. Some serious. Others not. Then I gave up for a while, and now I’m back. But this time, I think it might stick. I’m going to start writing about things that interest me rather than things I think might interest other people.* But we’ll see.

Coming soon… why I call this “an uncommonly silly blog.”

*Paradoxically, I hope it might interest other people. Otherwise we call these things “journals.”