Tour de Tuneup

With the big Tour de Pacific starting next week and a serious dearth of multi day trips under my belt this season, I decided to shake the rust off with a little C&O tune up tour. A few highlights so far:

– the Metro and bus combo from Dupont Circle to Poolesville, MD puts you about a semi hilly 5 mile ride from Whites Ferry (mile marker 35.5). It’s a fun way to shave off some early miles and get deeper into the trail. Love it, but alas only a weekday option.
– PS thanks Metro for charging my card 10 bucks and not applying it to my SmartCard. You suck.big thanks to the good samaratin who had change on the bus.
– trail conditions were a but choppy, but considering the storm damage the trees took its a testament to NPS for clearing it to passable status. You are the opposite of Metro, NPS!
– summer heat and humidity in the DC region is inhumane. It was 90 when the sun set. I think I was comfortable at 3am.
– biking is fun. Cycle touring is a great escape… I get great ideas while in the bike, particularly business and problem solving solutions.
– I’ve met some interesting people: a group in Harpers Ferry who had biked from CA (they were finishing in DC… Amazing!)… And just now another muddy rider who started in Cumberland. I like touring alone or with Mysterious James, but it’s cool to run into random people with random stories.

Probably camping one more night between Whites Ferry and DC. I have the crazy stair detour near Great Falls to contend with (wait, NPS… I take it back… That kind of sucks) but if I can get to it early Sunday there will be fewer camera wielding bus tourists to contend with.

Alright… Back to my rueben. I’m powerless against a rueben. If it’s on the menu I must order it…