Grind, paused

So, the week-long escape that started as a trip to the Keys, then to Arizona, and then Portland has now morphed into a week in San Francisco. The great news is the weather is looking to be about as good as you can ask for this time of year: sunny and in the low 60s. Looks like a little mini-tour is happening on a rented bike… more to come on that, but it’s looking like a late week trek to somewhere in Marin County.

Kind of a crazy week. Somehow I need to jam all of these things in:
– Bike trip
– Meet up with old DC friends
– Go down to Palo Alto/Mountain View for a hello to my friend’s family and maybe checking out the Google campus
– MacWorld
– Super Bowl party (go Niners… and I apologize if my rooting for them causes the opposite result)
– A lot of SF biking, coffee drinking and the usual with MJ (with whom I’ll be staying)

Meanwhile, in addition to all of the things happening at KW Omniglobal* (January in the fitness industry is crazy, plus new products, website relaunch, e-courses coming, daybooks, a print version of Tranquilologieet cetera), I’m starting to come into focus on a few business ideas I intend to launch in the spring. Between that and getting the cabin ready for some renters (including the website launch, which became the bane of my existence in the fall) I’ve got a lot of things to keep me busy.

But first… I’m hitting the pause button on the grind.


*my shorthand for the 4 LLCs and one nonprofit under the Kimberly banner… Not the real name, and certainly not a real umbrella company. Despite that, I want to make KW Omniglobal tee shirts.