Grind, unpaused: getting strategic

After a few rejuvenating days in San Francisco, I’m ready to hit the ground running. I’m hoping to devote time this week to big picture things, but I’m fully aware I have a list of accumulated “to-do’s” waiting for me as well. Rather than just drop my new project ideas, I’m going to try something new that’s been suggested at more than one conference I’ve attended… making time for strategic thinking.

So, as a way of making it more likely to happen, I’m throwing the proverbial hat over the big garden wall by blogging about it. Every day this week, I intend to spend 1 hour (just one! shouldn’t be hard!) to new or bigger picture strategic projects. At the end of this short week, I’ll assess. This week:

– A statistical analysis project on client retention
– An idea for a new category of offering at the studio

I’m being purposefully vague at the moment, but might be able to fill in some gaps later. Also coming this week, new systems. I’ll be checking out an app called Expensify, which might be just the thing I’ve been looking for without realizing it…

On the biking front,I’m getting excited for the spring after the 24 hour, 50 mile camping ride with MJ last week. Might start planning a few overnights for March. I’m also thinking about seeking more hills in DC. While I was able to keep up in CA, I think the more hillwork I can do this spring will reap dividends for the Big Loop tour this summer.