RV shopping? Me?

I never thought I’d be in the market for an RV. Let’s face it, they’re not the most environmentally friendly vehicle on the market, plus I tend to prefer my camping to be in places combustion engines don’t reach. But with Tranquiity Tour, I’ve had to get a crash course on RVing, and more importantly, shopping for a used RV.

A good resource I found was the e-book Buying a Used Motorhome – How to get the most for your money and not get burned. It was very helpful for a non-car guy like me to know what to look for. It definitely confirmed a few of my “walk aways” from a few money pits.

We’re looking for something well-maintained, and preferably closer to the size of a van than a bus. There’s a candidate, and I hope to have some news Sunday. In the meantime, I’m starting to think about life on the road and some of the fun that could be had on the green energy front with some solar panels and a few extra deep cycle batteries. I suspect the interior design is out of my hands… with the exception of wiring up an LED chandelier.