This ride’s for the birds…

Today was a little humid for my taste, but mild by summer standards (please do not remind me it’s spring… My weather nerds taught me a cool term called meteorological summer). I rode from my campsite to Brunswick,MD and had a good encounter and two meh encounters.

Good – a gorgeous heron that didn’t mind a close up:



Bad… A flat rear tire (by far my least favorite to change)) and then my entire rear rack falling off the bike… 2 miles apart… 2.5 miles from Brunswick. Dude.

About 45 minutes delayed, I nabbed lunch at the spectacularly cool Beans in the Belfry:


I had a much easier 20 mile ride back to tonight’s campsite near White’s Ferry. My neighbor is a kayaker:


And I just saw a deer saunter by his tent. Very cool.

So, figure about 60ish muddy miles, maybe 5 on a slowly flattening tire (yes it was that muddy I didn’t notice!). Not bad. Tomorrow I cross the Potomac into Leesburg for breakfast, then take the W&OD back home. I’ll confess, with the muddy surface and occasional downed trees blocking today, I’ll happily take pavement tomorrow!