3 thoughts on planning the ultimate roadtrip

I have a strangely split personality. While I’d like to think I’m a laid back, take it as it comes person (which I am), I’m also an obsessive planner when it comes to travel. Obsessive. Chalk it up to watching my father’s frequent international travel when he was working all those decades before retiring, or my astrological burden of being a Virgo… obsessive.

So, as we embark on Tranquility Tour in a week, I’m beginning to pile up resources (apps! maps! stuff and things!), calendaring things (we’re here then, we go to there after!) and coming up with options upon options of places we can park and stay with our camper. So. Many. Details.

A few things I’m discovering:

My iPhone is my friend, except when it won’t be. In Canada.

I rely on connectivity through my iPhone like you wouldn’t believe. I have a few apps that show off camping spots, rest stops, and a few other things that are linked to the GPS and maps with turn-by-turn directions. Hugely helpful.

Now, in Canada, my data plan would need to be funded by Scrooge McDuck if I had it on. However, I have an old iPhone 4 that has been unlocked, so I hope to get a SIM card up there and have a pay as you go plan on that phone, allowing me to have the same capabilities north of the border. Plus, hey… I’d have a Montreal number all of the sudden 😉

I’ll say it. Thank you Walmart.

I didn’t grow up with Walmarts… in fact, the first one I ever went to wasn’t until I moved back to the east coast in 2001. Now, I’m swimming in them (there are two equidistant from my cabin in WV). With all the controversies and websites poking fun at Walmart shoppers, I have to say they are super friendly to RVers. Many, perhaps most of them, allow free overnight parking. That’s a huge potential savings considering most full-hookup RV campsites can run 40 bucks a night. Granted, there’s no plugging into the side of the store, but free is free. There’s even an app that helps you find which stores are cool with overnight parking. So thanks Walmart. We’ll table the talk about benefits and wages for now…

Timing is everything

Big road trips like Tranquility Tour are much, much easier after Labor Day. Straight up. So many campgrounds are booked solid in the late summer, so kicking this off now creates a lighter burden from the planning perspective. Also, I hate heat. Cool fall nights (and maybe even some cold ones in the mountains) will be a lot easier on us than hot humid ones.

So, onward with the obsessive planning!