Tranquility Tour Extras: Lillie’s Gas Mileage

Kimberly and I were joking today that this blog is essentially the DVD extras for Tranquility Tour… so if you’re into odd ins and outs of the tour, you’ve found the right place.

This edition is an update on the most common question I get… what kind of gas mileage does the camper get?

The answer is… it depends. Actually that’s the answer to most of life’s questions, but I digress. I use an app called Mileage Keeper that tracks how Lillie is doing. We don’t exactly get great mileage but better than I expected. Our worst mileage tank was 7.2 MPG and the best will likely be this tank, but so far the record is 11.0 MPG. I might get all crazy and graph it. More to come…