Our vintage RV

Introducing Lillie, our new RV:


Lillie is named after Lilly, the former owner (complete with a long story about how the state of West Virginia misspelled her name for years and how long in a post 9/11 world it takes to correct such things) and Kimberly’s beloved grandmother Lillian, who will be with us in spirit.

Louis the Pug is already claiming dibs on spots inside:

LtP claims dibs on the table

Lillie drives like a champ, and only has a few things we need to address. She’s only 20 feet long, but has all the internal amenities we need. I’ll hold off on the tour for now: Kimberly is already busily planning cushion revamps and having new curtains made by her mom. I’m looking at the solar panel possibilities because full electric camping sites are stupid expensive, and stupid expensive is for suckers… plus I want to do at least one green thing for this trip!

We’re testing her out this week at Greenbelt National Park, near DC. For now, Lillie is getting used to her new home at the cabin…


  1. Liz C says:

    Tim!!! I think you should call her Gigi. Like G.G – for gas guzzler. What kind of mileage does your new beast…uh, sorry, baby…- get? What’s the mileage on the RV? Love the solar panel idea and would love to hear more. Would also be interested in a rough idea of what a x-country trip like yours would cost. Esp at $4/gallon. Maybe part of your blogging could help those of us who would like to plan similar adventures to better understand the costs and logistics of a x-country RV trip? I can’t wrap my head around the economics of it. Thanks.

    • Tim says:

      That is SO Lillie’s middle name! Super clever. Lillie Gigi Wilson-Mooney. Doesn’t exactly flow, but she is who she is!

      Lillie is a bit of a mystery… unlike every other vehicle ever made, the precise model (Chevrolet G30 Sprint) has little to no footprint on the web. We have the original owner’s manual (which is *awesomely 80s*) and a few hints that we’ll get 12MPG. I plan on tracking that with a fancy new app to get some more detail.

      I like the idea about sharing costs… I’ll do a post about that in the future. I’ve moved across country twice and Kimberly and I have done some long roadies before, so we have some good experience!

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