I’m hosting a “summer camp” retreat at my cabin this week (led by theĀ irrepressibleĀ Kimberly) – while the weather has been less than ideal, we managed to sneak in a short tour of the Western Maryland Rail Trail by bike.


  • Number of flats I’ve had on that trail over the course of about 400 previous miles: zero.
  • Number of flats we had collectively in 11 miles yesterday? 2.
  • Amount of rain forecast during our 2 hour period according to radar: zero.
  • Percentage of time we were rained on: 80% of the ride.

Moral of the story: always bring your full repair gear, learn to change all sorts of tires, and remember it’s supposed to be fun. Luckily we had all of that. I present to you, the stormriders of summer camp 2012…