Change happens, just be ready for the unexpected

When I first met Bonnard, my soon-to-be girlfriend’s cat, we got off to a bad start.
An eight year long bad start.

Bonnard would have preferred I wasn’t around, and one occasion seemed to be actively trying to crush the breath out if me with his rotund, but not-heavy-enough body. Hissing, biting, scratching… All part of the norm. Now, and quite suddenly, Bonnard cuddles with me. It’s disconcerting… I’m not exactly neutral on the subject of cats.*

This got me thinking about all of the other surprises that have come along in my life. My career path has diverged greatly from what I thought it would be, and probably for the better. I’m glad I haven’t resisted the change, even though a part of me bristles when people suggest I’m “not a lawyer anymore.”

Despite that, I’m glad I have been open to shifting away from preordained notions of career towards paths that have been fulfilling, interesting, diverse, and allow the lifestyle I have come to enjoy. Change in my “business” life has been good, particularly when it’s incremental and on my own terms.

*I sort of dislike them, but he’s sitting…. right… here… as I tap this out…