Tour de Pacific: some final thoughts

What a great adventure. Two weeks on a bike, camping the whole way… it seems like it went by so quickly.

  1. A big thanks to MJ for being my partner in crime for the time we were together. We sort of stumbled upon cycle touring around the same time, and he’s become a great friend to tour with. More to come for sure.*
  2. I like cycling in temperatures below 80, and colder if possible. I certainly can (and do) rock rides in the 90s, but throw in some hills and direct sunlight, and my ability to hit 50-70 mile days drops a lot.
  3. I miss Oregon, but this trip made me realize more than ever that there are parts that I prefer over others.
  4. I cannot forsee joining a large group ride again. When we found ourselves in small packs of other riders, I got uncomfortable… almost claustrophobic. It’s hard to feel claustrophobic on a bike in the great outdoors, and yet it happened.
  5. Leaving the Hennessey Hammock behind was the smartest thing I did. I like it, but not for long tours. The luxury of my bigger-than-I-need tent made a big difference for very little added weight and bulk.
  6. Slugs are cool.
  7. So are bunnies.
  8. Beer is a great reward at the end of the day, and a neutral to bad idea in the middle of a riding day.
  9. This still does not suck ———————————>
  10. The Goblin is a great bike, and it will come in handy for my next western adventure.
  11. I think this biking thing is going to stick… there are a lot of older dudes that I ran into, and I can’t forsee stopping.
  12. Hills no longer scare me… the uphills are just the price I pay for the joy of bombing downhill at 30+ mph…
  13. I missed my girl and my dog.
  14. San Francisco will always have a hold on me in a way I cannot articulate.

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “that’s about it.” Wait, was that Bubba? Whatever…


*I got a text from MJ today… he was in Fairfax, CA alive and well. He agreed that stars would have had to align just right in order to make it to SF in time for my flight.