Amtrak Adventure

Rockin an Amtrak hardhat

Today I shot a semi-unofficial video for Amtrak’s Employee Assistance Program. The video will highlight how to relax and move as an employee on the long haul runs. It’s a tough job, so the video will hopefully be a help. The truly cool part of the visit was seeing a lot of the behind-the-scenes aspects of their Ivy City maintenance facility. Some highlights:

  • Homeland Security (aka “GI JOE”) drilling storming the train with blue plastic guns. No joke.
  • Seeing the track equipment pushing and pulling train engines
  • Seeing the clever use of space in the roomettes and other sleeping cars
  • Interacting with the men and women there… really pleasant cool people.

Shooting on a train is challenging – lots of noise from the AC and very, very tight quarters. Overall, a fun experience!

Amtrak shoot