The Pedalshift Project 279: Tampa to Disney World Takeaways + Spring Tour Preview

Wrapping up my thoughts on the winter bike tour of central Florida and unveiling my first spring tour of 2022, which will finally check a box that’s been needing to be checked for nearly eight years. The Brompton flies (and rides) again, and the camping gear stays in the bin for one more tour…

The Pedalshift Project 279: Tampa to Disney World Takeaways + Spring Tour Preview

Hey it’s the direct download link for  The Pedalshift Project 279: Tampa to Disney World Takeaways + Spring Tour Preview (mp3).

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Tampa to Disney World Takeaways

  • I love beginning and ending tours at airports and train stations. That’s a teaser.
  • Folks, just don’t lose your ID.
  • Make a paper copy of your ID and/or passport and stick it in a bag in case you lose them.
  • Do not underestimate sun exposure on tour
  • Training, turns out, helps
  • Google maps is not always up to date. (And, turns out Apple Maps is sometimes ahead of reality)
  • Picking a possibly hard to bike to location is more fun than I expected (but I always knew I had other options)
  • Winter tours are great
  • Credit card touring can get pricey if you’re used to free camping
  • The route I took is still possible, but the road closure is for real. Two options will be possible, and that’s featured in a video I put up on the YouTube channel… go check it out!
  • Would not be surprised if I do this again next year, but if I can add some days I want to explore the trails north of Tampa… would probably add a day?

Spring Tour Preview – The Missing Link

  • First considered in Pedalshift 273 (see all those route scouting episodes mattered!)
  • Completing a section of the California coast that I had to fast forward in 2014, with extra miles to pay back interest😉
  • San Diego to LA, mostly along the Pacific Coast Route, but turning inland to tag Anaheim (where I hopped the train in 2014).
  • Brompton
  • Considered mixed camping/roofed lodging, but went with all roofed lodging… will make up for all these with some serious bike camping this year!
  • Riding airport to airport!
  • Hoping to revisit the fish taco challenge – will your coastal California town win?
  • Riding light and layered. Cool mornings, not so hot days, little chance of rain (but riding prepared).
  • Twin challenges
    • NoBo – wind will be in my face for the whole trip
    • Marine Base Pendleton – the south gate is where you get access… shouldn’t be an issue, but bureaucracy is bureaucracy!
  • Tour journals begin NEXT week!

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