Month: November 2014

The Pedalshift Project 009: Tour planning and connections

A Thanksgiving weekend edition of the Pedalshift Project on which we cover some of the new additions to the site, an update on the Lake Ontario circumnav tour, connections and much more. hey, it’s the direct download link for episode 009! (mp3) Pedalshift has a new look Some minor tweaks one day became a whole new look – easier to find the [...]

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Welcome to wherever you are

I never owned this album in cassette or vinyl, but thanks to a UK re-release, I’ll have this in my small vinyl collection in February. I remember the day I bought it on CD, I was totally wowed by the unique way the longbox (remember those?) folded and tucked into the cardboard jewel case for the CD. I never saw anything like that before, and thanks to the end of the longbox, this didn’t need to happen much longer at the retail level. I really dug it as a tip of the hat to the band’s interest in environmental causes.((See also, the Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors compilation… you have to figure these artists were legit green since they donated a track to this. INXS gave This Time, which was perfectly inserted into the first disc right before Thompson Twins’ Lay Your Hands On Me. An oddly perfect couplet.))

I think WTWYA has become the fans’ favorite album – sadly the band didn’t tour on it, and it didn’t get a ton of support in the States. Grunge displaced a lot of 80s acts, and people (including me) turned their attention to Nirvana for a few years. Although I never really got into Full Moon Dirty Hearts (INXS’s next album) I definitely dug Elegantly Wasted, the band’s final Hutchence album.((As I mentioned before, I’m leaning towards considering Switch as non-canonical. INXS was a lot more than Michael Hutchence (hi all you Farriss brothers, Andrew in particular), and I don’t mean it as a sign of disrespect for J.D. Fortune… but… it just wasn’t the same. )) I think the band was really turning the corner at that point… there was a lot of music to be made into the 2000s, but it wasn’t meant to be.