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Day 2: Headwinds, climbs and magnets

Heat advisories on the Oregon coast are declared when temps hit 82. For real. I love this place!

Day 2’s ride featured a sometimes windy 55 miles of stunning coastline and a lunch stop at the famous Pig n Poke in Lincoln City. Powered by omelette and pancakes, I hit the big hills pretty well. This will be good training for Leggett next week.

MJ passed along interesting information on the odd band called Insane Clown Posse… Apparently they are science deniers (yep) and believe (a) all things not easily explained are miracles and (b) science is an enormous conspiracy to deny this fact. One of their songs features the line, “… Magnets! How do THEY work!? Miracles!” Ditto for rainbows and a few other easily explainable phenomenon. Awesome.

My thermarest got a friend in Newport: it was leaking someplace so I got another one at a used gear store for a song. For some reason I can’t part with the one I brought so I’ll probably haul around both. Guess I’m loyal.